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April 2010



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Apr. 27th, 2010

(no subject)


words cut through like razor blades
immense pain,
searing heat.

the after effect cuts
like arrow in heart

when sorries were just too...
too late
that it left a little chip
to what we believed in,


WZK; 27April2010 PM

Sep. 8th, 2009


Tall, sweet, charming -
the epitome of perfection.
Killer smile, killer looks, killer bod

Shrieks, squeals, screams
Unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable
He's here -
he's coming here!

Why, why now?
Oh, can't it be later?
In the quiet of the night
Ah! Hyperventilating in desperation

Sep. 7th, 2009


the smell of rain
like a drug from up above the dark blue sky
it lingered for awhile and
after a countdown,
came pouring

the breeze
was a gentle touch
that glided effortlessly across my-
rather thick skin

the trees swayed
like models on a runway
the dried leaves
that used to be bright green

i cringed
like a baby on a cradle
at the cold 'winter' wind
the feeling's like
oh how annoying


Sep. 3rd, 2009


Person A: thanks for throwing your face away at the coffeeshop. it's not me you're embarrassing, it's yourself. slap me? wow, go ahead, i won't feel pain cos i'm immune to it a long time ago. dude, lash it out on me, carry on. when you need help, don't come running to me and give me your shit face 'innocent' look. i've told you many times, i'm not a rag doll. i'm not born to be treated like one. then why in the first place did you inpregnate my mum to give birth to a rag doll just so that you can piss at anytime you want? fuck, resposible? nope, not at all. irresponsible? hell yea, a million yes. don't guai lan me everyday, it's not gon work. to think that you ever giva shit abt my progress in sch. wth? you don't even rmbr me telling you when my prelims are, when im getting my cl results. wow, great i'll award you with the best dad award. you rock the shit outta me. note the sarcasm? son of a bitch.

Person B: don't you get the hint? at all?

tday's not the best of days. bear with me, all those shit up there. am sick of studying too. dang, i need to chill.

Aug. 12th, 2009

me am feeling like...

oh shit me am feeling like shit. like every second is shit. fark, until now still can fail. better off in a pile of shit. yep, so shitty i feel like shit.

i'm like supposed to be mugging pe cos IT'S THE FREAKING FIRST PAPER. but roar what am i doing here? posting about how i feel like shit? yes.. oh gosh this is self torture! (metaphor) even the moon's mocking me (personification) i'm barbequed on like hot rocks (simile) wait, is that even a simile? oh my i'm talking to myself! no, i'm REVISING lit. yes,yes, revising, revising (repetition)

ah, so world, tell me i'm not walking alone. Liverpool you'll walk w me forever right? and my dear smart friends who can survive on 5hours(or less) of sleep everyday, you guys won't abandon me for books, will you? heh

Life'sGood as some may say. okay i beg to differ under certain circumstances. with mrs goh putting unwanted pressure (by saying o lvl's not that difficult) i'm just getting madder by the days! oh wow since when exams were giveaways? it's not like free cone day so easy just queue and you'll get it k... it's the process
slowly skinning my skin away.

roar i shall stop posting and get my tun to the study table. chicken's tun word's getting popular. ruan mian square tun's hot on the blocks. ahhah.

BYE WORLD! till then, see you guys.


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